React State useState vs useReducer

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Advantages of useState

  • Good for managing primitive state values in a component such string, integers or booleans
  • Simple and easy therefore it enables fast development as you can get up and running with it quickly
  • If two components need to share state you can “lift state up” to the closest common parent and pass down state through props. I’ve written another blog post exploring this here.

Advantages of useReducer

  • Good for managing more complicated states, such as objects with nested values
  • Useful for managing different actions on a state, often lots of useState declarations in one component could be combined into one useReducer function with different actions
  • Can pass a dispatch function through your components rather than using setState callbacks throughout your app which could lead to performance improvements

useState in-depth

<form onSubmit={onSubmit}>
placeholder='Enter new note …'
onChange={(e) => setValue(}
const [tasks, setTasks] = useState([]);const onSubmit = (e) => {
if (value) {
setTasks([…tasks, value])

useReducer in-depth

function reducer(tasks, action) {
switch (action.type) {
case 'add':
return [action.payload.task, ...tasks]
return tasks;
Simple notes application using useReducer





Writes about web development

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Lizzie Hard

Lizzie Hard

Writes about web development

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